Categories (CWE)

CWE-774 Allocation of File Descriptors or Handles Without Limits or Throttling 1
CWE-521 Weak Password Requirements 1
CWE-610 Externally Controlled Reference to a Resource in Another Sphere 1
CWE-835 Loop with Unreachable Exit Condition ('Infinite Loop') 1
CWE-398 Indicator of Poor Code Quality 1
CWE-916 Use of Password Hash With Insufficient Computational Effort 1
CWE-494 Download of Code Without Integrity Check 1
CWE-171 Cleansing, Canonicalization, and Comparison Errors 1
CWE-485 Insufficient Encapsulation 1
CWE-405 Asymmetric Resource Consumption (Amplification) 1
CWE-862 Missing Authorization 1
CWE-775 Missing Release of File Descriptor or Handle after Effective Lifetime 1
CWE-290 Authentication Bypass by Spoofing 1

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