The ADONewConnection Connect function in adodb.php in XAMPP 1.6.0a and earlier for Windows uses untrusted input for the database server hostname, which allows remote attackers to trigger a library buffer overflow and execute arbitrary code via a long host parameter, or have other unspecified impact. NOTE: it could be argued that this is an issue in mssql_connect (CVE-2007-1411.1) in PHP, or an issue in the ADOdb Library, and the proper fix should be in one of these products; if so, then this should not be treated as a vulnerability in XAMPP.

Published : 2007-04-18 03:19 Updated : 2017-10-11 01:32

CVSS Score More info
Score 9.3 / 10
Vendor Product Version URI
Xampp Apache Distribution 1.6.0a cpe:/a:xampp:apache_distribution:1.6.0a::windows
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There is no CWE for this CVE.

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