Privilege Escalation in Lenovo XClarity Administrator earlier than 1.2.0, if LXCA is used to manage rack switches or chassis with embedded input/output modules (IOMs), certain log files viewable by authenticated users may contain passwords for internal administrative LXCA accounts with temporary passwords that are used internally by LXCA code.

Published : 2017-01-12 22:59 Updated : 2017-01-19 15:59

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Score 1.9 / 10
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Lenovo Xclarity Administrator 1.1.1 cpe:/a:lenovo:xclarity_administrator:1.1.1
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CWE-264 Permissions, Privileges, and Access Controls Weaknesses in this category are related to the management of permissions, privileges, and other security features that are used to perform access control. CVE

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