A vulnerability has been identified in Firmware variant IEC 61850 for EN100 Ethernet module (All versions < V4.33), Firmware variant PROFINET IO for EN100 Ethernet module (All versions), Firmware variant Modbus TCP for EN100 Ethernet module (All versions), Firmware variant DNP3 TCP for EN100 Ethernet module (All versions), Firmware variant IEC104 for EN100 Ethernet module (All versions < V1.22). Specially crafted packets to port 102/tcp could cause a denial-of-service condition in the EN100 communication module if oscillographs are running. A manual restart is required to recover the EN100 module functionality. Successful exploitation requires an attacker with network access to send multiple packets to the EN100 module. As a precondition the IEC 61850-MMS communication needs to be activated on the affected EN100 modules. No user interaction or privileges are required to exploit the security vulnerability. The vulnerability could allow causing a Denial-of-Service condition of the network functionality of the device, compromising the availability of the system. At the time of advisory publication no public exploitation of this security vulnerability was known.

Published : 2018-07-23 21:29 Updated : 2019-03-22 17:29

CVSS Score More info
Score 7.8 / 10
Vendor Product Version URI
Siemens Cp200 Firmware - cpe:/o:siemens:cp200_firmware:-
Siemens Dnp3 Tcp Firmware - cpe:/o:siemens:dnp3_tcp_firmware:-
Siemens Iec104 Firmware - cpe:/o:siemens:iec104_firmware:-
Siemens Modbus Tcp Firmware - cpe:/o:siemens:modbus_tcp_firmware:-
Siemens Profinet Io Firmware - cpe:/o:siemens:profinet_io_firmware:-
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ID Name Description Links
CWE-20 Improper Input Validation The product does not validate or incorrectly validates input that can affect the control flow or data flow of a program. CVE

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