Information disclosure vulnerability in storage media in systems with Intel Optane memory module with Whole Disk Encryption may allow an attacker to recover data via physical access.

Published : 2018-07-10 21:29 Updated : 2019-10-03 00:03

CVSS Score More info
Score 2.1 / 10
Vendor Product Version URI
Intel Core I3 7020u cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7020u
Intel Core I3 7100 cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7100
Intel Core I3 7100e cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7100e
Intel Core I3 7100h cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7100h
Intel Core I3 7100t cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7100t
Intel Core I3 7100u cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7100u
Intel Core I3 7101e cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7101e
Intel Core I3 7101te cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7101te
Intel Core I3 7102e cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7102e
Intel Core I3 7130u cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7130u
Intel Core I3 7167u cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7167u
Intel Core I3 7300 cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7300
Intel Core I3 7300t cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7300t
Intel Core I3 7320 cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7320
Intel Core I3 7350k cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:7350k
Intel Core I3 8100 cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8100
Intel Core I3 8100h cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8100h
Intel Core I3 8100t cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8100t
Intel Core I3 8109u cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8109u
Intel Core I3 8130u cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8130u
Intel Core I3 8145u cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8145u
Intel Core I3 8300 cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8300
Intel Core I3 8300t cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8300t
Intel Core I3 8350k cpe:/h:intel:core_i3:8350k
Intel Core I5 7y54 cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7y54
Intel Core I5 7y57 cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7y57
Intel Core I5 7200u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7200u
Intel Core I5 7260u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7260u
Intel Core I5 7267u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7267u
Intel Core I5 7287u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7287u
Intel Core I5 7300hq cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7300hq
Intel Core I5 7300u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7300u
Intel Core I5 7360u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7360u
Intel Core I5 7400 cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7400
Intel Core I5 7400t cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7400t
Intel Core I5 7440eq cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7440eq
Intel Core I5 7440hq cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7440hq
Intel Core I5 7442eq cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7442eq
Intel Core I5 7500 cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7500
Intel Core I5 7500t cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7500t
Intel Core I5 7600 cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7600
Intel Core I5 7600k cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7600k
Intel Core I5 7600t cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7600t
Intel Core I5 7640x cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:7640x
Intel Core I5 8200y cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8200y
Intel Core I5 8250u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8250u
Intel Core I5 8259u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8259u
Intel Core I5 8265u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8265u
Intel Core I5 8269u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8269u
Intel Core I5 8300h cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8300h
Intel Core I5 8305g cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8305g
Intel Core I5 8350u cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8350u
Intel Core I5 8400 cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8400
Intel Core I5 8400b cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8400b
Intel Core I5 8400h cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8400h
Intel Core I5 8400t cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8400t
Intel Core I5 8500 cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8500
Intel Core I5 8500b cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8500b
Intel Core I5 8500t cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8500t
Intel Core I5 8600 cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8600
Intel Core I5 8600k cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8600k
Intel Core I5 8600t cpe:/h:intel:core_i5:8600t
Intel Core I7 7y75 cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7y75
Intel Core I7 3820 cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:3820
Intel Core I7 3920xm cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:3920xm
Intel Core I7 3930k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:3930k
Intel Core I7 3940xm cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:3940xm
Intel Core I7 3960x cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:3960x
Intel Core I7 3970x cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:3970x
Intel Core I7 4820k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:4820k
Intel Core I7 4930k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:4930k
Intel Core I7 4930mx cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:4930mx
Intel Core I7 4940mx cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:4940mx
Intel Core I7 4960x cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:4960x
Intel Core I7 5820k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:5820k
Intel Core I7 5930k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:5930k
Intel Core I7 5960x cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:5960x
Intel Core I7 6800k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:6800k
Intel Core I7 6850k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:6850k
Intel Core I7 6900k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:6900k
Intel Core I7 6950x cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:6950x
Intel Core I7 7500u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7500u
Intel Core I7 7560u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7560u
Intel Core I7 7567u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7567u
Intel Core I7 7600u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7600u
Intel Core I7 7660u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7660u
Intel Core I7 7700 cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7700
Intel Core I7 7700hq cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7700hq
Intel Core I7 7700k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7700k
Intel Core I7 7700t cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7700t
Intel Core I7 7740x cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7740x
Intel Core I7 7800x cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7800x
Intel Core I7 7820eq cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7820eq
Intel Core I7 7820hk cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7820hk
Intel Core I7 7820hq cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7820hq
Intel Core I7 7820x cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7820x
Intel Core I7 7920hq cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:7920hq
Intel Core I7 8086k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8086k
Intel Core I7 8500y cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8500y
Intel Core I7 8550u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8550u
Intel Core I7 8559u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8559u
Intel Core I7 8565u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8565u
Intel Core I7 8650u cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8650u
Intel Core I7 8700 cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8700
Intel Core I7 8700b cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8700b
Intel Core I7 8700k cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8700k
Intel Core I7 8700t cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8700t
Intel Core I7 8705g cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8705g
Intel Core I7 8706g cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8706g
Intel Core I7 8709g cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8709g
Intel Core I7 8750h cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8750h
Intel Core I7 8809g cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8809g
Intel Core I7 8850h cpe:/h:intel:core_i7:8850h
Intel Core I9 7900x cpe:/h:intel:core_i9:7900x
Intel Core I9 7920x cpe:/h:intel:core_i9:7920x
Intel Core I9 7940x cpe:/h:intel:core_i9:7940x
Intel Core I9 7960x cpe:/h:intel:core_i9:7960x
Intel Core I9 7980xe cpe:/h:intel:core_i9:7980xe
Intel Core I9 8950hk cpe:/h:intel:core_i9:8950hk
Intel Core M3 8100y cpe:/h:intel:core_m3:8100y
Intel Xeon E 2124 cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2124
Intel Xeon E 2124g cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2124g
Intel Xeon E 2126g cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2126g
Intel Xeon E 2134 cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2134
Intel Xeon E 2136 cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2136
Intel Xeon E 2144g cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2144g
Intel Xeon E 2146g cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2146g
Intel Xeon E 2174g cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2174g
Intel Xeon E 2176g cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2176g
Intel Xeon E 2176m cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2176m
Intel Xeon E 2186g cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2186g
Intel Xeon E 2186m cpe:/h:intel:xeon_e:2186m
  1. Intel (6) Search CVE
    1. Core I7 (51) Search CVE
      1. 7y75
      2. 3820
      3. 3920xm
      4. 3930k
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    6. Xeon E (12) Search CVE
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      7. 2146g
      8. 2174g
      9. 2176g
      10. 2176m
      11. 2186g
      12. 2186m


ID Name Description Links
CWE-200 Information Exposure An information exposure is the intentional or unintentional disclosure of information to an actor that is not explicitly authorized to have access to that information. CVE

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2018-09-10 19:11
2018-07-10 21:29