A remote unauthenticated attacker can abuse a web service in SAP NetWeaver Application Server for Java (Administrator System Overview), versions 7.30, 7.31, 7.40, 7.50, by sending a specially crafted XML file and trick the application server into leaking authentication credentials for its own SAP Management console, resulting in Server-Side Request Forgery.

Published : 2019-08-14 14:15 Updated : 2019-08-23 16:57

CVSS Score More info
Score 5.0 / 10
Vendor Product Version URI
Sap Netweaver Application Server Java 7.30 cpe:/a:sap:netweaver_application_server_java:7.30
Sap Netweaver Application Server Java 7.31 cpe:/a:sap:netweaver_application_server_java:7.31
Sap Netweaver Application Server Java 7.40 cpe:/a:sap:netweaver_application_server_java:7.40
Sap Netweaver Application Server Java 7.50 cpe:/a:sap:netweaver_application_server_java:7.50
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      4. 7.50


ID Name Description Links
CWE-918 Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) The web server receives a URL or similar request from an upstream component and retrieves the contents of this URL, but it does not sufficiently ensure that the request is being sent to the expected destination. CVE

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