A remote code execution vulnerability exists in the way that the scripting engine handles objects in memory in Internet Explorer, aka 'Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability'. This CVE ID is unique from CVE-2019-0739, CVE-2019-0753, CVE-2019-0862.

Published : 2019-04-09 21:29 Updated : 2019-05-28 17:29

CVSS Score More info
Score 7.6 / 10
Vendor Product Version URI
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 cpe:/a:microsoft:internet_explorer:10
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 cpe:/a:microsoft:internet_explorer:11:-
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ID Name Description Links
CWE-119 Improper Restriction of Operations within the Bounds of a Memory Buffer The software performs operations on a memory buffer, but it can read from or write to a memory location that is outside of the intended boundary of the buffer. CVE