OpenSSL has internal defaults for a directory tree where it can find a configuration file as well as certificates used for verification in TLS. This directory is most commonly referred to as OPENSSLDIR, and is configurable with the --prefix / --openssldir configuration options. For OpenSSL versions 1.1.0 and 1.1.1, the mingw configuration targets assume that resulting programs and libraries are installed in a Unix-like environment and the default prefix for program installation as well as for OPENSSLDIR should be '/usr/local'. However, mingw programs are Windows programs, and as such, find themselves looking at sub-directories of 'C:/usr/local', which may be world writable, which enables untrusted users to modify OpenSSL's default configuration, insert CA certificates, modify (or even replace) existing engine modules, etc. For OpenSSL 1.0.2, '/usr/local/ssl' is used as default for OPENSSLDIR on all Unix and Windows targets, including Visual C builds. However, some build instructions for the diverse Windows targets on 1.0.2 encourage you to specify your own --prefix. OpenSSL versions 1.1.1, 1.1.0 and 1.0.2 are affected by this issue. Due to the limited scope of affected deployments this has been assessed as low severity and therefore we are not creating new releases at this time. Fixed in OpenSSL 1.1.1d (Affected 1.1.1-1.1.1c). Fixed in OpenSSL 1.1.0l (Affected 1.1.0-1.1.0k). Fixed in OpenSSL 1.0.2t (Affected 1.0.2-1.0.2s).

Published : 2019-07-30 17:15 Updated : 2019-08-23 21:15

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Score 1.9 / 10
Vendor Product Version URI
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2:beta1
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2:beta2
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2:beta3
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2a cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2a
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2b cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2b
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2c cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2c
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2d cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2d
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2e cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2e
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2f cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2f
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2g cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2g
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2h cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2h
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2i cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2i
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2j cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2j
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2k cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2k
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2l cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2l
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2m cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2m
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2n cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2n
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2o cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2o
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2p cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2p
Openssl Openssl 1.0.2q cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.0.2q
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0:-
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0:pre1
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0:pre2
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0:pre3
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0:pre4
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0:pre5
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0:pre6
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0a cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0a
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0b cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0b
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0c cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0c
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0d cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0d
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0e cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0e
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0f cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0f
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0g cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0g
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0h cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0h
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0i cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0i
Openssl Openssl 1.1.0j cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.0j
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre1
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre2
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre3
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre4
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre5
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre6
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre7
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre8
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1 cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1:pre9
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1a cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1a
Openssl Openssl 1.1.1b cpe:/a:openssl:openssl:1.1.1b
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      27. 1.1.0h
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      30. 1.1.1
      31. 1.1.1a
      32. 1.1.1b


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CWE-295 Improper Certificate Validation The software does not validate, or incorrectly validates, a certificate. CVE

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