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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2018-9066 1 Lenovo 1 Xclarity Administrator 2019-10-03 9.0
In Lenovo xClarity Administrator versions earlier than 2.1.0, an authenticated LXCA user can, under specific circumstances, inject additional parameters into a specific web API call which can result in privileged command execution within LXCA's...
CVE-2017-17833 5 Openslp, Debian, Lenovo and 2 more 23 Openslp, Debian Linux, Xclarity Administrator and 20 more 2019-04-22 7.5
OpenSLP releases in the 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 code streams have a heap-related memory corruption issue which may manifest itself as a denial-of-service or a remote code-execution vulnerability.