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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-6180 1 Lenovo 1 Xclarity Administrator 2019-10-09 3.5
A stored cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was reported in Lenovo XClarity Administrator (LXCA) versions prior to 2.5.0 that could allow an administrative user to cause JavaScript code to be stored in LXCA which may then be executed in the...
CVE-2017-3763 1 Lenovo 1 Xclarity Administrator 2019-10-03 2.1
An attacker who obtains access to the location where the LXCA file system is stored may be able to access credentials of local LXCA accounts in LXCA versions earlier than 1.3.2.
CVE-2018-9065 1 Lenovo 1 Xclarity Administrator 2019-10-03 3.5
In Lenovo xClarity Administrator versions earlier than 2.1.0, an attacker that gains access to the underlying LXCA file system user may be able to retrieve a credential store containing the service processor user names and passwords for servers...
CVE-2017-3745 1 Lenovo 1 Xclarity Administrator 2017-06-30 2.1
In Lenovo XClarity Administrator (LXCA) before 1.3.0, if service data is downloaded from LXCA, a non-administrative user may have access to password information for users that have previously authenticated to the LXCA's internal LDAP server,...
CVE-2016-8221 1 Lenovo 1 Xclarity Administrator 2017-01-19 1.9
Privilege Escalation in Lenovo XClarity Administrator earlier than 1.2.0, if LXCA is used to manage rack switches or chassis with embedded input/output modules (IOMs), certain log files viewable by authenticated users may contain passwords for...