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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-3782 1 Cloudfoundry 1 Credhub Cli 2019-10-09 2.1
Cloud Foundry CredHub CLI, versions prior to 2.2.1, inadvertently writes authentication credentials provided via environment variables to its persistent config file. A local authenticated malicious user with access to the CredHub CLI config file...
CVE-2019-3781 1 Cloudfoundry 1 Command Line Interface 2019-10-09 3.5
Cloud Foundry CLI, versions prior to v6.43.0, improperly exposes passwords when verbose/trace/debugging is turned on. A local unauthenticated or remote authenticated malicious user with access to logs may gain part or all of a users password.
CVE-2018-1191 1 Cloudfoundry 1 Cf-deployment 2019-10-09 3.5
Cloud Foundry Garden-runC, versions prior to 1.11.0, contains an information exposure vulnerability. A user with access to Garden logs may be able to obtain leaked credentials and perform authenticated actions using those credentials.
CVE-2016-0713 1 Cloudfoundry 1 Cf-release 2017-09-05 2.6
Gorouter in Cloud Foundry cf-release v141 through v228 allows man-in-the-middle attackers to conduct cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks via vectors related to modified requests.