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2 total CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-6157 2 Ibm, Lenovo 42 Bladecenter Hs22 Firmware, Bladecenter Hs23 Firmware, Bladecenter Hs23e Firmware and 39 more 2019-10-09 5.0
In various firmware versions of Lenovo System x, the integrated management module II (IMM2)'s first failure data capture (FFDC) includes the web server's private key in the generated log file for support.
CVE-2018-9085 2 Ibm, Lenovo 26 Bladecenter Hs23 Firmware, Bladecenter Hs23e Firmware, Flex System X220 M4 Firmware and 23 more 2019-10-03 4.0
A write protection lock bit was left unset after boot on an older generation of Lenovo and IBM System x servers, potentially allowing an attacker with administrator access to modify the subset of flash memory containing Intel Server Platform...