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4 total CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2017-5618 1 Gnu 1 Screen 2019-10-03 7.2
GNU screen before 4.5.1 allows local users to modify arbitrary files and consequently gain root privileges by leveraging improper checking of logfile permissions.
CVE-2009-1214 1 Gnu 1 Screen 2017-08-17 4.9
GNU screen 4.0.3 creates the /tmp/screen-exchange temporary file with world-readable permissions, which might allow local users to obtain sensitive session information.
CVE-2007-3048 1 Gnu 1 Screen 2017-07-29 7.2
** DISPUTED ** GNU screen 4.0.3 allows local users to unlock the screen via a CTRL-C sequence at the password prompt. NOTE: multiple third parties report inability to reproduce this issue.
CVE-2002-1602 1 Gnu 1 Screen 2017-07-11 4.6
Buffer overflow in the Braille module for GNU screen 3.9.11, when HAVE_BRAILLE is defined, allows local users to execute arbitrary code.