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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-11414 1 Intelbras 1 Iwr 3000n Firmware 2019-04-22 4.3
An issue was discovered on Intelbras IWR 3000N 1.5.0 devices. When the administrator password is changed from a certain client IP address, administrative authorization remains available to any client at that IP address, leading to complete...
CVE-2018-12456 1 Intelbras 1 Nplug Firmware 2018-11-28 6.8
Intelbras NPLUG wireless repeater devices have no CSRF token protection in the web interface, allowing attackers to perform actions such as changing the wireless SSID, rebooting the device, editing access control lists, or activating...
CVE-2018-17337 1 Intelbras 1 Nplug Firmware 2018-11-28 4.3
Intelbras NPLUG devices have XSS via a crafted SSID that is received via a network broadcast.
CVE-2018-9010 1 Intelbras 1 Telefone Ip Firmware 2018-04-20 5.0
Intelbras TELEFONE IP TIP200/200 LITE devices allow remote authenticated admins to read arbitrary files via the /cgi-bin/cgiServer.exx page parameter, aka absolute path traversal. In some cases, authentication can be achieved via the...
CVE-2017-14219 1 Intelbras 1 Wrn 240 Firmware 2017-09-19 4.3
XSS (persistent) on the Intelbras Wireless N 150Mbps router with firmware WRN 240 allows attackers to steal wireless credentials without being connected to the network, related to userRpm/popupSiteSurveyRpm.htm and userRpm/WlanSecurityRpm.htm....