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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-17180 1 Valvesoftware 1 Steam Client 2019-10-15 7.2
Valve Steam Client before 2019-09-12 allows placing or appending partially controlled filesystem content, as demonstrated by file modifications on Windows in the context of NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. This could lead to denial of service, elevation of...
CVE-2019-15943 1 Valvesoftware 1 Counter-strike%3a Global Offensive 2019-10-02 6.8
vphysics.dll in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before allows remote attackers to achieve code execution or denial of service by creating a gaming server and inviting a victim to this server, because a crafted map is mishandled during a...
CVE-2019-15315 1 Valvesoftware 1 Steam Client 2019-08-30 7.2
Valve Steam Client for Windows through 2019-08-16 allows privilege escalation (to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) because local users can replace the current versions of SteamService.exe and SteamService.dll with older versions that lack the CVE-2019-14743 patch.
CVE-2019-15316 1 Valvesoftware 1 Steam Client 2019-08-30 6.9
Valve Steam Client for Windows through 2019-08-20 has weak folder permissions, leading to privilege escalation (to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) via crafted use of CreateMountPoint.exe and SetOpLock.exe to leverage a TOCTOU race condition.
CVE-2019-14743 1 Valvesoftware 1 Steam Client 2019-08-28 7.2
In Valve Steam Client for Windows through 2019-08-07, HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam has explicit "Full control" for the Users group, which allows local users to gain NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM access.
CVE-2018-12270 1 Valvesoftware 1 Steam 2019-05-21 5.8
In Valve Steam 1528829181 BETA, it is possible to perform a homograph / homoglyph attack to create fake URLs in the client, which may trick users into visiting unintended web sites.
CVE-2008-7203 1 Valvesoftware 1 Counter-strike 2017-10-11 5.0
Valve Software Half-Life Counter-Strike 1.6 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) via multiple crafted login packets.