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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-10753 2019-09-06 4.3
In all versions prior to version 3.9.6 for eclipse-wtp, all versions prior to version 9.4.4 for eclipse-cdt, and all versions prior to version 3.0.1 for eclipse-groovy, Spotless was resolving dependencies over an insecure channel (http). If the...
CVE-2019-11770 2019-06-18 6.8
In Eclipse Buildship versions prior to 3.1.1, the build files indicate that this project is resolving dependencies over HTTP instead of HTTPS. Any of these artifacts could have been MITM to maliciously compromise them and infect the build...
CVE-2019-12728 1 Grails 1 Grails 2019-06-04 6.8
Grails before 3.3.10 used cleartext HTTP to resolve the SDKMan notification service. NOTE: users' apps were not resolving dependencies over cleartext HTTP.
CVE-2019-10248 2019-04-26 6.8
Eclipse Vorto versions prior to 0.11 resolved Maven build artifacts for the Xtext project over HTTP instead of HTTPS. Any of these dependent artifacts could have been maliciously compromised by a MITM attack. Hence produced build artifacts of...
CVE-2016-5062 1 Aternity 1 Aternity 2017-04-10 9.3
The web server in Aternity before 9.0.1 does not require authentication for getMBeansFromURL loading of Java MBeans, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary Java code by registering MBeans.