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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2004-0984 1 Gnu 1 Mailutils 2008-09-10 7.2
Unknown vulnerability in the dotlock implementation in mailutils before 1:0.5-4 on Debian GNU/Linux allows attackers to gain privileges.
CVE-2003-0853 2 Washington University, Gnu 2 Fileutils, Wu-ftpd 2008-09-10 5.0
An integer overflow in ls in the fileutils or coreutils packages may allow local users to cause a denial of service or execute arbitrary code via a large -w value, which could be remotely exploited via applications that use ls, such as wu-ftpd.
CVE-2002-1146 1 Gnu 1 Glibc 2008-09-10 5.0
The BIND 4 and BIND 8.2.x stub resolver libraries, and other libraries such as glibc 2.2.5 and earlier, libc, and libresolv, use the maximum buffer size instead of the actual size when processing a DNS response, which causes the stub resolvers to...
CVE-2001-1228 1 Gnu 1 Gzip 2008-09-10 7.5
Buffer overflows in gzip 1.3x, 1.2.4, and other versions might allow attackers to execute code via a long file name, possibly remotely if gzip is run on an FTP server.
CVE-2000-0701 3 Conectiva, Gnu, Redhat 3 Linux, Mailman, Linux 2008-09-10 4.6
The wrapper program in mailman 2.0beta3 and 2.0beta4 does not properly cleanse untrusted format strings, which allows local users to gain privileges.
CVE-2000-0335 2 Gnu, Isc 2 Glibc, Bind 2008-09-10 7.5
The resolver in glibc 2.1.3 uses predictable IDs, which allows a local attacker to spoof DNS query results.
CVE-2000-0271 1 Gnu 1 Emacs 2008-09-10 4.6
read-passwd and other Lisp functions in Emacs 20 do not properly clear the history of recently typed keys, which allows an attacker to read unencrypted passwords.
CVE-2000-0270 1 Gnu 1 Emacs 2008-09-10 3.6
The make-temp-name Lisp function in Emacs 20 creates temporary files with predictable names, which allows attackers to conduct a symlink attack.
CVE-2000-0269 1 Gnu 1 Emacs 2008-09-10 2.1
Emacs 20 does not properly set permissions for a slave PTY device when starting a new subprocess, which allows local users to read or modify communications between Emacs and the subprocess.
CVE-2000-0151 1 Gnu 1 Make 2008-09-10 6.2
GNU make follows symlinks when it reads a Makefile from stdin, which allows other local users to execute commands.
CVE-1999-0719 1 Gnu 1 Gnumeric 2008-09-09 4.6
The Guile plugin for the Gnumeric spreadsheet package allows attackers to execute arbitrary code.
CVE-1999-0612 2 Microsoft, Gnu 4 Windows 2000, Fingerd, Windows Nt and 1 more 2008-09-09 0.0
A version of finger is running that exposes valid user information to any entity on the network.
CVE-1999-0402 1 Gnu 1 Wget 2008-09-09 5.0
wget 1.5.3 follows symlinks to change permissions of the target file instead of the symlink itself.
CVE-1999-0216 3 Hp, Linux, Gnu 3 Hp-ux, Inet, Linux Kernel 2008-09-09 5.0
Denial of service of inetd on Linux through SYN and RST packets.
CVE-1999-0150 1 Gnu 1 Fingerd 2008-09-09 7.5
The Perl fingerd program allows arbitrary command execution from remote users.
CVE-1999-0041 5 Redhat, Ibm, Slackware and 2 more 6 Aix, Unicos, Linux and 3 more 2008-09-09 7.5
Buffer overflow in NLS (Natural Language Service).
CVE-1999-0035 2 Gnu, Sgi 2 Inet, Irix 2008-09-09 5.1
Race condition in signal handling routine in ftpd, allowing read/write arbitrary files.
CVE-1999-0017 9 Sco, Siemens, Freebsd and 6 more 11 Reliant Unix, Openserver, Aix and 8 more 2008-09-09 7.5
FTP servers can allow an attacker to connect to arbitrary ports on machines other than the FTP client, aka FTP bounce.
CVE-1999-0016 6 Cisco, Microsoft, Netbsd and 3 more 8 Hp-ux, Windows Nt, Ios and 5 more 2008-09-09 5.0
Land IP denial of service.
CVE-2007-2833 2 Debian, Gnu 2 Debian Linux, Emacs 2008-09-05 7.8
Emacs 21 allows user-assisted attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) via certain crafted images, as demonstrated via a GIF image in vm mode, related to image size calculation.