Vulnerabilities (CVE)


130145 total CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-1999-0166 1 Sun 1 Nfs 2008-09-09 5.0
NFS allows users to use a "cd .." command to access other directories besides the exported file system.
CVE-1999-0164 1 Sun 1 Sunos 2008-09-09 6.2
A race condition in the Solaris ps command allows an attacker to overwrite critical files.
CVE-1999-0163 1 Eric Allman 1 Sendmail 2008-09-09 7.2
In older versions of Sendmail, an attacker could use a pipe character to execute root commands.
CVE-1999-0162 1 Cisco 1 Ios 2008-09-09 5.0
The "established" keyword in some Cisco IOS software allowed an attacker to bypass filtering.
CVE-1999-0161 1 Cisco 1 Ios 2008-09-09 7.5
In Cisco IOS 10.3, with the tacacs-ds or tacacs keyword, an extended IP access control list could bypass filtering.
CVE-1999-0160 1 Cisco 1 Ios 2008-09-09 7.5
Some classic Cisco IOS devices have a vulnerability in the PPP CHAP authentication to establish unauthorized PPP connections.
CVE-1999-0159 1 Cisco 1 Ios 2008-09-09 5.0
Attackers can crash a Cisco IOS router or device, provided they can get to an interactive prompt (such as a login). This applies to some IOS 9.x, 10.x, and 11.x releases.
CVE-1999-0156 1 Washington University 1 Wu-ftpd 2008-09-09 4.6
wu-ftpd FTP daemon allows any user and password combination.
CVE-1999-0155 1 Aladdin Enterprises 1 Ghostscript 2008-09-09 7.5
The ghostscript command with the -dSAFER option allows remote attackers to execute commands.
CVE-1999-0154 1 Microsoft 1 Internet Information Server 2008-09-09 5.0
IIS 2.0 and 3.0 allows remote attackers to read the source code for ASP pages by appending a . (dot) to the end of the URL.
CVE-1999-0153 2 Microsoft, Sco 4 Openserver, Windows Nt, Windows 95 and 1 more 2008-09-09 5.0
Windows 95/NT out of band (OOB) data denial of service through NETBIOS port, aka WinNuke.
CVE-1999-0152 1 Data General 1 Dg Ux 2008-09-09 7.5
The DG/UX finger daemon allows remote command execution through shell metacharacters.
CVE-1999-0151 1 Satan 1 Satan 2008-09-09 7.6
The SATAN session key may be disclosed if the user points the web browser to other sites, possibly allowing root access.
CVE-1999-0150 1 Gnu 1 Fingerd 2008-09-09 7.5
The Perl fingerd program allows arbitrary command execution from remote users.
CVE-1999-0148 1 Sgi 1 Irix 2008-09-09 7.5
The handler CGI program in IRIX allows arbitrary command execution.
CVE-1999-0147 1 University Of Arizona 2 Glimpse Http, Webglimpse 2008-09-09 7.5
The aglimpse CGI program of the Glimpse package allows remote execution of arbitrary commands.
CVE-1999-0142 2 Netscape, Sun 2 Navigator, Java 2008-09-09 7.5
The Java Applet Security Manager implementation in Netscape Navigator 2.0 and Java Developer's Kit 1.0 allows an applet to connect to arbitrary hosts.
CVE-1999-0141 1 Netscape 1 Navigator 2008-09-09 3.7
Java Bytecode Verifier allows malicious applets to execute arbitrary commands as the user of the applet.
CVE-1999-0138 7 Apple, Nec, Linux and 4 more 9 Hp-ux, A Ux, Linux Kernel and 6 more 2008-09-09 7.2
The suidperl and sperl program do not give up root privileges when changing UIDs back to the original users, allowing root access.
CVE-1999-0137 1 Fred N. Van Kempen 1 Dip 2008-09-09 7.2
The dip program on many Linux systems allows local users to gain root access via a buffer overflow.