Vulnerabilities (CVE)


130145 total CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-1999-0197 2005-10-20 10.0
finger 0@host on some systems may print information on some user accounts.
CVE-1999-0121 2005-10-20 7.2
Buffer overflow in dtaction command gives root access.
CVE-1999-0937 2005-05-02 10.0
BNBForm allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via the automessage hidden form variable.
CVE-1999-0936 2005-05-02 10.0
BNBSurvey survey.cgi program allows remote attackers to execute commands via shell metacharacters.
CVE-1999-0935 2005-05-02 10.0
classifieds.cgi allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands by specifying them in a hidden variable in a CGI form.