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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-10942 1 Siemens 3 Scalance X-200 Firmware, Scalance X-200irt Firmware, Scalance X-200rna Firmware 2019-10-09 5.0
A vulnerability has been identified in SCALANCE X-200 (All versions), SCALANCE X-200IRT (All versions), SCALANCE X-200RNA (All versions). The device contains a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to trigger a denial-of-service condition by...
CVE-2019-6569 1 Siemens 2 Scalance X-200 Firmware, Scalance X-300 Firmware 2019-06-12 6.4
A vulnerability has been identified in Scalance X-200 (All versions <V5.2.4), Scalance X-300 (All versions), Scalance XP/XC/XF-200 (All versions <V4.1). The monitor barrier of the affected products insufficiently blocks data from being forwarded...