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2 total CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2018-2424 1 Sap 4 Hana Database, Ui, Ui5 and 1 more 2019-10-09 5.0
SAP UI5 did not validate user input before adding it to the DOM structure. This may lead to malicious user-provided JavaScript code being added to the DOM that could steal user information. Software components affected are: SAP Hana Database...
CVE-2019-0319 1 Sap 2 Gateway, Ui5 2019-07-18 5.0
The SAP Gateway, versions 7.5, 7.51, 7.52 and 7.53, allows an attacker to inject content which is displayed in the form of an error message. An attacker could thus mislead a user to believe this information is from the legitimate service when it's not.