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4 total CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-3801 1 Cloudfoundry 2 Cf-deployment, Uaa Release 2019-10-09 5.0
Cloud Foundry cf-deployment, versions prior to 7.9.0, contain java components that are using an insecure protocol to fetch dependencies when building. A remote unauthenticated malicious attacker could hijack the DNS entry for the dependency, and...
CVE-2019-3788 1 Cloudfoundry 1 Uaa Release 2019-10-09 5.8
Cloud Foundry UAA Release, versions prior to 71.0, allows clients to be configured with an insecure redirect uri. Given a UAA client was configured with a wildcard in the redirect uri's subdomain, a remote malicious unauthenticated user can craft...
CVE-2019-3775 1 Cloudfoundry 1 Uaa Release 2019-10-09 4.0
Cloud Foundry UAA, versions prior to v70.0, allows a user to update their own email address. A remote authenticated user can impersonate a different user by changing their email address to that of a different user.
CVE-2019-11279 1 Cloudfoundry 1 Uaa Release 2019-10-09 6.5
CF UAA versions prior to 74.1.0 can request scopes for a client that shouldn't be allowed by submitting an array of requested scopes. A remote malicious user can escalate their own privileges to any scope, allowing them to take control of UAA and...