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CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-17389 1 Riot-os 1 Riot 2019-10-16 7.8
In RIOT 2019.07, the MQTT-SN implementation (asymcute) mishandles errors occurring during a read operation on a UDP socket. The receive loop ends. This allows an attacker (via a large packet) to prevent a RIOT MQTT-SN client from working until...
CVE-2019-16754 1 Riot-os 1 Riot 2019-09-25 5.0
RIOT 2019.07 contains a NULL pointer dereference in the MQTT-SN implementation (asymcute), potentially allowing an attacker to crash a network node running RIOT. This requires spoofing an MQTT server response. To do so, the attacker needs to know...
CVE-2019-15702 1 Riot-os 1 Riot 2019-09-03 5.0
In the TCP implementation (gnrc_tcp) in RIOT through 2019.07, the parser for TCP options does not terminate on all inputs, allowing a denial-of-service, because sys/net/gnrc/transport_layer/tcp/gnrc_tcp_option.c has an infinite loop for an...
CVE-2019-15134 1 Riot-os 1 Riot 2019-08-29 7.8
RIOT through 2019.07 contains a memory leak in the TCP implementation (gnrc_tcp), allowing an attacker to consume all memory available for network packets and thus effectively stopping all network threads from working. This is related to _receive...