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CVE-2019-17192 1 Signal 1 Signal Private Messenger 2019-10-10 7.5
** DISPUTED ** The WebRTC component in the Signal Private Messenger application through 4.47.7 for Android processes videoconferencing RTP packets before a callee chooses to answer a call, which might make it easier for remote attackers to cause...
CVE-2018-9840 1 Signal 1 Signal 2019-10-03 4.6
The Open Whisper Signal app before 2.23.2 for iOS allows physically proximate attackers to bypass the screen locker feature via certain rapid sequences of actions that include app opening, clicking on cancel, and using the home button.
CVE-2019-9970 1 Signal 2 Signal-desktop, Signal Private Messenger 2019-08-02 4.3
Open Whisper Signal (aka Signal-Desktop) through 1.23.1 and the Signal Private Messenger application through 4.35.3 for Android are vulnerable to an IDN homograph attack when displaying messages containing URLs. This occurs because the...
CVE-2018-3988 1 Signal 1 Messenger 2019-02-05 1.9
Signal Messenger for Android 4.24.8 may expose private information when using "disappearing messages." If a user uses the photo feature available in the "attach file" menu, then Signal will leave the picture in its own cache directory, which is...
CVE-2018-16132 1 Signal 1 Signal 2018-11-08 7.8
The image rendering component (createGenericPreview) of the Open Whisper Signal app through 2.29.0 for iOS fails to check for unreasonably large images before manipulating received images. This allows for a large image sent to a user to exhaust...
CVE-2018-14023 1 Signal 1 Signal-desktop 2018-10-15 2.1
Open Whisper Signal (aka Signal-Desktop) before 1.15.0-beta.10 allows information leakage.
CVE-2018-11101 1 Signal 1 Signal-desktop 2018-06-19 4.3
Open Whisper Signal (aka Signal-Desktop) through 1.10.1 allows XSS via a resource location specified in an attribute of a SCRIPT, IFRAME, or IMG element, leading to JavaScript execution after a reply, a different vulnerability than...