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4 total CVE
CVE Vendors Products Updated CVSS
CVE-2019-10044 1 Telegram 2 Telegram, Telegram Desktop 2019-04-08 6.8
Telegram Desktop before 1.5.12 on Windows, and the Telegram applications for Android, iOS, and Linux, is vulnerable to an IDN homograph attack when displaying messages containing URLs. This occurs because the application produces a clickable link...
CVE-2018-17231 1 Telegram 1 Telegram Desktop 2019-01-29 5.0
** DISPUTED ** Telegram Desktop (aka tdesktop) 1.3.14 might allow attackers to cause a denial of service (assertion failure and application exit) via an "Edit color palette" search that triggers an "index out of range" condition. NOTE: this issue...
CVE-2018-17613 1 Telegram 1 Telegram Desktop 2018-12-06 5.0
Telegram Desktop (aka tdesktop) 1.3.16 alpha, when "Use proxy" is enabled, sends credentials and application data in cleartext over the SOCKS5 protocol.
CVE-2018-17780 1 Telegram 2 Telegram Desktop, Telegram Messenger 2018-12-06 4.0
Telegram Desktop (aka tdesktop) 1.3.14, and Telegram WP8.1 on Windows, leaks end-user public and private IP addresses during a call because of an unsafe default behavior in which P2P connections are accepted from clients outside of the My...